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J-Bay Surfing Open

Published on July 27th, 2014


I spent a few days last week at the J-Bay Open in Jeffreys Bay photographing the worlds top surfing champions. A great event and lots of photography fun!

ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) World Championship Tour J-Bay Open at Jeffreys Bay, South Africa (July 2014).


Sebastian_Zietz9a Sebastian_Zietz3 Sebastian_Zietz2 Pupo13 Muniz2-2 Muniz1 Logie2 Logie Jeremy-Flores4 Jeremy_Flores1 Jeremy_Flores IMG_3172_Miguel_Pupo IMG_3170_Miguel_Pupo IMG_3071_Slater IMG_2912_Mitch_Crews IMG_2797Gabriel_Medina IMG_2789_Adam_Melling IMG_2766Michel_Bourez IMG_2753Brett_Simpson IMG_2684_Raoni_Monteiro IMG_2672_Michel_Bourez IMG_2577_Tiago_Pires IMG_2535_Kai_Otton IMG_2516 IMG_2482_Joel_Parkinson IMG_2411 Hobgood21 Freddie_Patacchia23 Freddie_Patacchia20 Freddie_Patacchia18 Crews16a Crews6a Crews3a Buchan22 Buchan4 Andre1 _63T9816 _63T8276 _63T8132 _63T8029a _63T3213 _63T3166 _63T2838 _63T2723

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