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Finally, my Website is Ready for Launch

Published on March 24th, 2014

Regina Yanzon

Regina Yanzon

Well, it is up but not yet completed!

My eternal thanks to Regina Yanzon for creating and building the structure of this website for me.  Regina is based in the Philippines and is a web builder and designer of note.  She is an extraordinarily patient person, who deals well with the elderly (35 and older).  I suspect that I have not yet fully tried her patience as I muddle my way through making this site fully my own.

Thank you, Regina!

Steep Learning Curve


From my side, it has been several months of hard work, coding and learning – with some degree of frustration due to my own incapacity – but we are just about there. 


Regina’s job was to build the website as I envisaged it, while my job was to write and upload the content – and make refinements to reflect changes to my original design and intent.


I particularly wanted to avoid the look and feel of a typical Word Press site (even if currently very popular) but rather, to strive for a clean and uncluttered design without gimmicks, flash media and other “irritations” and distractions.  I hope that we have achieved that.  Most importantly however, I hope that my clients and prospective clients will find the site helpful, informative and easy to navigate.


What have I learnt during this process?  A website is never finished but is on an eternal iterative path of incremental improvement and development!


Portfolio of Photographs


Other than the very steep coding and technical learning curve, was deciding which photographs to include in my portfolio galleries.  This is a very subjective process and I have attempted to strike a balance between the technical quality of images and the emotive quality they convey.  No doubt, I have not got this entirely right.  I am often intrigued that some of my favourite images – those that I regard as technically “perfect” with wonderful emotive qualities do not sell as well as other images that I regard as sub-standard.   That is the wonder and attraction of photography as a craft.  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder!  As indeed, it should be.


Comments and Feedback on the Website


I would be more than happy to receive any feedback on the website and my photography in general.


Criticisms and suggestions will be gratefully received, acknowledged and considered for further improvements to the website.


Thanks in anticipation …



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